Thursday, April 13, 2017

Enjoying the Unexpected!

Watercolor on Rice Paper - 11x15

It is easy to spend our days chasing perfection in all areas of our lives. It is especially easy as artists to want that perfection in all of our creations. Watercolor has the reputation of being a 'hard medium' because you cannot easily coverup and fix your mistakes. I say it is the perfect medium because it teaches you to embrace the imperfections and to enjoy the happy accidents that come from using such a free and spontaneous paint. Or from painting on an unpredictable surface such as rice paper.

Perfect can be boring. Too predictable. Isn't it more fun to be surprised? To have our eyes opened, to play and dance and lose ourselves in those spontaneous moments? To break free from the routine and open ourselves up to the unexpected?

And maybe if we learn to more free and open in our creative life it will carry over into the rest of it - wouldn't that be an exciting bonus?

1 comment:

  1. Unexpected or not Martha...this is totally gorgeous!!!