Monday, March 6, 2017

Art With Heart Monday - Printable Gratitude Pages

Instant Download Printables - 8.5x11

My mom always made sure that we wrote thank you notes whenever we were given a gift and it was a great lesson in good manners and gratitude. It has been shown that being grateful can lead to other positive emotions, give you a boost in energy and create a feeling of optimism in life.

Besides simply thanking people, try keeping a gratitude journal, and write down what you’re thankful for every day. Experts maintain that jotting down even one sentence of gratitude a day can boost feelings of happiness.

Using a soft focus print of one of my original watercolor paintings I have designed these three gratitude journal pages titled Daily Gratitude, Weekly Reflections and Gratitude Notes. The watercolor images provide a pretty background for your journaling along with some questions and prompts for your gratitude journey. Print as many copies as you want for writing daily, weekly or monthly.