Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our New Golden Retriever Puppy

Watercolor - 10x10

Today I am showing one of my watercolor paintings of a tropical flower along with a Christmas picture of our daughter, Lisa, holding our new puppy. How is that for going from one extreme to another?

When the kids were small we had a wonderful golden retriever named Ginger and we have been trying to get another one for a couple of years now. First, we found out we were moving to Tennessee and then the litter we were suppose to get a puppy from consisted of only one female so FINALLY in October Todd was able to go back to Colorado and select our cute, little Jake. 

We brought him home on Dec 20 and he definitely added energy and excitement to the holidays. I had forgotten how much work a little puppy is but he has settled down a lot the past few weeks and life is slowly returning to normal. 

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