Monday, September 26, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 37 - Texture

Watercolor - 15x21

If you are painting with acrylics or oils it is easy to suggest texture in your artwork because the paint itself has a thick consistency that can be built up to create roughness that you can actually touch and feel. Watercolors present a greater challenge because the paint itself is so thin that we have to fool the eye and create 'visual texture'.

We can use all sorts of tricks to create the suggestion of texture with watercolors including salt, dry brush, blossoms, spatters, plastic wrap, scraping, dripping, sponging and stamping.

You can also use instant coffee to create a rusted look for metal objects as I did in this painting of an old watering can. I also used the coffee on the wooden fence along with some dry brush to create a rough look.

The Creative Monday Challenge for this week is to create texture in your painting whether it is visual or tactile.

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