Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Yoga, Art and Balance

Acrylic Collage - 9x12 board

Since we moved to Tennessee I have been attending a yoga class several times a week. I never thought I would enjoy yoga but as I have gotten older (just a little) I realize the need for more stretching and balance in my exercise routine. I have always been a runner but I have started to try and mix it up a little with walking, swimming and yoga and to try and find that perfect balance between pushing my body and not hurting it.

I think balance is important in all areas of our lives and especially for our creative journey. We need balance in the colors we use, the values in the compositions we are creating and how critical we are of ourselves and our work. Most importantly, we need to try and find the balance between the enjoyment of the artistic process and the desire to push for the final product. We need to remember to steady ourselves, relax and enjoy the creative ride!

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