Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Club 47 Challenge - Day 2 - Daisies and a Tip

Original Watercolor Batik - 17x22
$125 - Buy Here

If you received my June 2011 Newsletter - the first one - you got a sneak peek at this watercolor batik. If you have not subscribed to the newsletter yet please do so in the upper right corner of this blog and be eligible for a free monthly give away.
I love how fresh and perky daisies look when they first pop up in the springtime. I used melted wax as a resist and painted with watercolor on fibrous rice paper. In this close up you can see the ink lines of the original drawing, the texture of the rice paper and the drips from the wax.

Kindness #2 - I always try to leave a nice tip when I eat out because I waited tables many moons ago and both our girls have done it thru high school and college. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend, calculated my normal tip and then doubled it - hope the waiter had a happy surprise!


  1. Very pretty, love the batik look here.

  2. Hi Martha, I love your painting daisies. when are you going to have another batik class again i would love to come.....take care and see you soon.....Carol Reedy

  3. Thanks ladies! I am planning a Batik Workshop for Aug 20 - more info in the July Newsletter.