Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Club 47 Challenge - Day 1 - Random Acts of Kindness

Artist and facilitator showing his watercolor painting

I have joined with a group of talented artists to participate in the Club 47 Challenge that was started by artist Kimberly Conrad . Everyone is promising to do something with the number 47 - she wants to lose 47 pounds, produce 47 paintings and sell them for $47 and is donating some of the proceeds from her sales to a charity. The idea is to do something challenging for yourself and to help others at the same time. Kim officially started a few days ago but since I just found out about it my 47 days will be from June 28 to August 13.

My goal is to practice 47 days of Random Acts of Kindness and to donate 10% of any art sales to the Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making Art Program. This is a wonderful avenue for people with dementia to be able to express themselves creatively.

Kindness #1 - Yesterday I visited the Care Community where the artist above was working on his painting. The facilitator, Debbie, has done a wonderful job with the Memories in the Making program for the last five years and I thanked her profusely. Most of the artists with dementia are just like the rest of us and tend to think their art work is not very good so in taking this picture I tried to demonstrate how much we all loved his painting and valued his talent. He was a little bashful about sharing his work but finally agreed to pose for the photo - so fun!

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