Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CACTUS IN BLOOM - Watercolor Collage

The process for this Cactus Watercolor Collage is similar to the workshop I taught with the tulips. On 300# watercolor paper I lightly sketched the cactus shapes and where I wanted the flower blooms. Then I wet the paper and painted in some of the colors just to give me a starting point.
After the paint dried I started collaging on some papers for the flowers. I used some tissue papers that I bought - some solid pinks and some with designs on them. I wasn't sure I was happy with the design of the cactus - might need to change it at the bottom.
You can tell that I did change the design some - made the cactus in the front left more dominant. Started gluing on green papers - mostly tissue. The dark green was a heavier tissue paper with gold flecks (the mettalic doesn't photograph very well) that I used for shadows. Added more collage to the flowers and  came in with more watercolor paint around the cactus and blooms for definition.
I continued adding papers, gradually building up texture and using some heavier rice papers. Painted more in the background and on the flowers. Added more collage... and so on until I felt like it was done - sometimes the hardest part is knowing when to stop!

Cactus in Bloom- SOLD - 11x15 inches original watercolor collage.

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  1. What a gorgeous paining! I can't believe the transformation from #1 to #4...I think it's so neat how you can keep adding paper to creat depth and texture to the painting and still paint on top to add more definition. It looks great and I definitely learned something new!