Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daily Painting Challenge - Six Pears

I found a website called Daily Paintworks where a group of about 15 artists showcase their work. Each week they offer a Painting Challenge and last week the assignment was to paint the same object several times taking only 10 minutes each time. Anyone can participate and post their work so I took a deep breath and decided to give it a try. The vast majority of entries are oil painters with some pastel, colored pencil and acrylic but I did not see any other watercolors - I figured mine might stick out like a sore thumb but what the heck, you only go around once!

I chose a pear because of their fun shape and decided to play around with different colors more than just a realistic rendering. When you look at the other entries - especially the oils - they are definintely more realistic.
I think my favorite one is the top right where I used positive and negative painting. Which one is your favorite? Click on 'comment' below and let me know.

If you want to check out the other entries  Click Here


  1. Of course you would like the positive/negative one in your favorite colors ;) My favorite is tied between the top center and the bottom left one. The top center caught my attention first, I think because the bottom is so defined with the bright green! The longer I looked at it though, the more I like the bottom left one. The shading on the left side of it makes it look SO realistic!

  2. I love these paintings, it's neat to see how different a pear can look in each one! While I love them all, I have to say my favorite is the bottom left. It caught my attention first, the colors make it look soft and warm and summery. I love the colors you used and the shading and textures make it come to life and look so real. they are beautiful!

  3. Tough decision for I love all of these. I love your work. I haven't painted in watercolor in about 4 yWears and have just gotten back into it. I really miss it. I love painting in the bright colors as you do....I also enjoy painting florals. I would be so interested in checking out the site where they post the painting challenges. Could I get this site from you? I so wish I lived close to you to take classes!!!! gerry