Wednesday, May 12, 2021

SPRING FLING & Ways to Loosen Up!

Watercolor on Yupo - 11x17

It seems like most of my students through the years have wanted to learn to 'loosen up' their painting style. Not be so tight and controlled. But, how do you paint more freely and work more expressively? Below are some things to try.

Work at an easel or standing up at a table. This will allow your arm to move more freely as you paint and puts some distance between you and your art.

Make marks with your non-dominate hand/arm. This will force you to give up that tight control.

Hold the brush at the very end of the handle. Use large brushes. Make bold marks

Put on some energetic music. Move around and put energy into your painting.

Paint on a different surface. For Spring Fling I painted on yupo paper which has a slick surface that allows for a loose, impressionistic style while painting with watercolor.

Experiment with all of these ideas and practice, practice, practice! The more you paint, the easier it will be to loosen up. Enjoy the creative process. Have Fun!

Friday, May 7, 2021


Watercolor - 11x14

'If you want to be happy for a lifetime, 
be a gardener'

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

JUST PEACHY - Creative Challenge - Paint Quickly

Watercolor - 12x22

It is always a Creative Challenge to paint quickly, especially in watercolor. For Just Peachy, I wet both sides of the paper and applied color quickly, trying to get as much of the composition in place as I could before the paper dried. I managed to place the flowers, buds, stems and a few leaves. As the top of the paper began to dry, some of the water was still trapped on the back side, keeping the paper moist enough that I could continue getting soft edges as I began to define shapes with some negative painting.

After the paper was completely dry, I continued to refine shapes, add details and finished with some calligraphy - a few twigs and stems.

Friday, April 30, 2021


Watercolor - 11x15

For Island Hibiscus I began by lightly sketching the two hibiscus and leaves on to 140 lb watercolor paper. Then, I taped off the outer border and applied an even coat of turquoise watercolor, being careful to paint around the leaves. I placed plastic wrap on the wet paint to create a textured, marble look. Them I proceeded to painting the flower, leaves and a light, inner background. The border adds a fun, creative look to the finished painting and is ready for a frame.