Wednesday, March 21, 2018

CACTUS BLOOM & Commission Art

Watercolor - 8x8

A few months a go a woman contacted me through my Etsy Shop and asked if she could commission a painting similar to one that I had already sold, so of course I said yes! After communicating back and forth about the subject (cactus flower), colors (green and white), shape (square) and size (8x8 inch) we agreed on a price and I started painting.

When I completed the watercolor I listed it in my shop and notified her that it was ready to purchase. And heard nothing. I have painted many commission through the years and have to admit that this is the first time I have been skunked. I know it is a possibility each time and I don't require payment up front unless it is a large piece so I really can't complain, but it was still disappointing. At least I had fun painting it!

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