Friday, May 12, 2017

Fun Friday and the Joy of Teaching

I really dislike the expression that 'those who can't do, teach.' It is one of those ignorant blanket statements that really gets my back up. I come from a long line of teachers including my Dad who was an Aerospace Engineering college professor and my Mom who taught elementary school, so I have a strong respect for the profession.

My college degrees are in Architecture and Engineering but teaching is in my blood. I tutored in college, taught math at the college level and led training sessions for facilitators of the Alzheimer's Association Art Program. I have now taught watercolor and mixed media classes for adults for over sixteen years at Art Museums, Art Guilds, my home and now at the Art Center here in Tennessee.

Teaching, especially watercolor, has added so much joy and fulfillment to my life and has helped me grow and mature as an artist. It is one thing to be able to paint yourself, but quite another to articulate what and how you do it along with offering encouragement and support to your students. I always come home from a class or workshop feeling inspired and energized from interacting, sharing and learning along with the artists I am teaching.


  1. Without teachers I would hate to see where this world would be.
    My cousin and his daughter are both teachers and they are very talented in many other areas as well! But they also chose to be teachers because that is what they love to do!!!

    1. I totally agree Jan! I have had so many great teachers make such a positive impact on my life.