Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun Friday - Silk Painting with Friends

When we first moved to Tennessee I was fortunate to find a wonderful Art Group that meets every Monday morning in this cute church right on Watts Bar Lake where we now live. A great group of fun and creative women who do all sorts of crafty things - knitting, scrapbooking, pottery, jewelry making, drawing, watercolor painting and alcohol inks.

Several times a year we all work on a similar project where we get introduced to new art products and techniques. This week we painted on silk that was pre-stretched on to round hoops. The silk paint acts a little bit like watercolor and the silk allows for a wet on wet look so we all had a lot of fun playing and experimenting with something new.


  1. These are gorgeous, Martha!!!
    I think you all look like you are having a great time!

    1. Thank you Jan! It is always fun to learn something new with your creative buddies:)