Monday, February 22, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 7

The Creative Monday Challenge this week is to utilize the cruciform design in your composition. Think of a cross that touches all four sides of your paper but is not perfectly uniform - it is skewed so that it touches each side in a slightly different spot. Incorporating a cruciform design in to your composition is a great way to create a strong visual impact!

If I know I am going to use a cruciform design I often start with wet paper and quickly place color in the background, touching each side of the paper in a different spot (not exactly across from the other side). For Sail Away I masked out the sail and then painted the blue sky and waterline in a cruciform, leaving white paper at all four corners.

I began painting Colorado Barn on dry paper using blue over the entire sky area and brushing shades of burnt sienna in the foreground, only touching the edge in one main spot at the bottom. While the sky was wet, I painted in the darker trees and extended my horizon line to emphasis the cruciform design shape. 

Pastel Pueblos is really a partial cruciform since the sky touches the whole top of the page but I used the turquoise to suggest a cross design.

When I began painting Tropical Bloom I let the paint vignette off the bottom of the paper and then used darks in and around the flower and leaves to create a cruciform design in the background.

If you are new to Creative Monday I would love to have you join us. You can read more about it and get info on joining the free Facebook Group here.

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