Monday, January 11, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 1

Welcome to the first Art With Heart Creative Monday!
I thought our first Creative Challenge could be to paint a flower or flowers that make you happy, evoke some kind of emotion or that you just think are pretty. Don't forget to share your work (if you want) and follow along with the other artists on the Facebook group page here. Click the JOIN button if you would like to participate in the group. 
My daughter and son-in-law gave me these gorgeous sunflowers last week because they know how much I love them and to thank me for helping them out with some baby sitting - which of course they did not need to do but was so thoughtful.
They are my absolute favorite flower to paint - there is just something about them that always makes me smile. Feel free to use this photos of the sunflowers or my painting for reference if desired.
I painted my sunflowers on 140 lb watercolor paper that was first coated with white gesso. This creates a slick surface to paint on so that the colors to stay bright and the final painting has a painterly style. I have painted a lot of sunflowers over the years and they ALWAYS make me happy!

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