Monday, April 22, 2013

Longtime Art Student Shares Her Love of Art With the Community

Carol has taken watercolor classes form me since I moved back to Colorado in 2006. She had little or no art background when she started but was excited to give it a try and has always been willing to listen and learn. Because of her hard work and positive attitude she is an amazing artist as can be seen with her painting of tomatoes on watercolor canvas.
Carol has also volunteered weekly for the Alzheimer's Association Memories in the Making art program for seniors with dementia since I began coordinating the program in Colorado Springs in 2006.
Recently, Carol taught her daughter's elementary school student's how to have fun painting with watercolor, sharing her love of art with a new generation of artists.
Carol is a true example of how art and creativity can not only enrich our own lives, but is a gift that can be shared with the community of all ages!

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  1. Martha, thank you for all your kind words, it was truly a fun day to be with my daughter Traci and her class room. Carol