Monday, May 7, 2012

Workshop in Castle Rock, CO - Watercolor and More

Watercolor & Oil Pastel - 8x10

I recently taught a workshop in Castle Rock, CO where we combined watercolor and other media. Oil pastel provides a resist for the watercolor, allowing you to save whites and other brights on your painting. In Beach Flowers I used white oil pastel for the seagulls and the waves in the ocean. I also used some pink, white and green for the flowers and vines growing on the beach.
Here are a few of the ladies painting away during the workshop. We had a wonderful day taking watercolor a step further and stretching our creative wings. I would love to come teach in your neck of the woods - please contact me if you have a local painting club or facility wanting a workshop in Watercolors Loose and Free, Watercolor Batik, Watercolor Collage or combining Watercolor and Other Media. You can email me at

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