Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Happy Art Collector

Watercolor Batik - 17x22

Daisies now has a new home with Kathy right here in Colorado. She sent me a lovely email when she received the painting.

Got the watercolor batik on Saturday and it is beautiful. The colors are breathtaking and will will look wonderful in our home. I will send you a photo of the framed painting when we get it back. (My husband said this one is too nice for us to try to frame ourselves). Thanks again for allowing me to own some of your art. I think it is fantastic that you offer art at a reasonable price so not just the rich can enjoy and beautify their home with fine, quality art.

I alwas love to hear back from my collectors and appreciate when they take the time to contact me - it is a joy and privledge to be able to share my art!

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