Monday, April 2, 2012

Draw vs Trace

Watercolor 8x10

I often have students in my classes who feel nervous about their drawing skills or lack there of so I encourage them to begin by tracing from their photos. Drawing vs tracing is often a controversial topic among artists. There is no doubt that doing your own sketching gives you the opportunity to practice and improve your draftsmanship but sometimes we need a little confidence booster to get us started. If tracing allows that, then by all means do it, but also try to push yourself do more of your own drawing along the way.

We all have different goals for where we are taking our art and it is up to the individual to choose their own path!


  1. Martha, thank you for the advise i have really been trying not to trace thanks to you your encouragement means so much to me...

    Carol Reedy

  2. Thanks Carol, you are doing a great job with your paintings and your drawing!