Friday, October 14, 2011

Watermedia and Collage - A Fun Combination!

Watermedia Collage - 8x10

Sometimes it is fun to experiment with different media so I decided to try using some acrylics in a manner similar to my watercolors.

I used 140 lb watercolor paper and wet the sky area first. I used the acrylics thinned down to create soft, loose shapes for the trees. After that dried I wet the foreground and painted the soft shadows in the snow.

Then, I decided to collage on some thin rice paper in the background trees and snow area. The nice thing about the acrylic paint is that it won't run or lift once it is dry, so coming in with more paint or matte medium for the collage won't change the underpaitning. When dry, I used more acrylics to paint on top of the rice paper, creating interesting shapes and texture. I also started painting the barn and fence.

I ended going back to watercolor to paint in the trees and forground. I used gesso on the edge of a piece of mat board to stamp the aspen trees and added details with watercolor. I also added some rose colored collage papers which gave a winter wonderland feel to the painting.

A fun piece to paint - going back and forth between watercolor, acrylic and collage!

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