Thursday, October 13, 2011

Memories in the Making - The Color Purple

This cute lady was one of the artists at a Care Community I visited last week. She  participates in the Alzheimer's Memories in the Making art program where each week she uses painting to express herself artistically. People with dementia may start to lose some of their verbal skills but art gives them another avenue for expression and a way to tap into a lifetime of memories.

I told her that she looked so pretty in her hat and she pointed out that it had a purple rim that matched her outfit and the color she was using to paint with. She was painting with a fan brush and having a wonderful time!

The artists can use still life objects, photos or even their own imagination for painting inspiration. The wonderful volunteer at this care community had spent alot of her own time cutting out pictures and mounting them on colorful card stock for the artists to use.

As the coordinator for the Memories in the Making program in Colorado Springs I am always thankful for all of the time and effort our volunteers put into the program - we could not do it with out them - thanks!