Friday, May 20, 2011

Road Trip to Nancy Medina's Flower Mound Studio

Yesterday I drove up to Flower Mound, TX, north of Dallas to visit my friend and artist Nancy Medina at her studio. It was great fun to meet her three pugs and see where she creates her beautiful flower paintings like the one above. We had a wonderful chat over lunch about our mutual love of art, painting, workshops and of course blogging. Nancy was kind enough to treat me to lunch - hopefully I can return that southern hospitality when she comes to Colorado some day soon!

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Here is Nancy with her pug in front of one of her many large Container Garden Paintings that are very popular in her California gallery. As you can tell she loves color and is not afraid to be bold - to see more of her work go to Nancy Medina Blog.

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  1. Martha, I really enjoyed visiting with you, what a treat to see you again and talk about art art art! I hope to see your beautiful watercolors in person when I am in Colorado someday!
    many hugs,