Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty Challenge

Original Watercolor - 8x10
$45 - Buy Here

The challenge on the DailyPaintworks site this week was to paint the kitty in the picture provided below. I decided to take artistic license and have fun with the colors in the cat using blues, purple, burnt sienna and some cad orange or Halloween Orange as Cheap Joe's calls it. I also stayed away from being too literal with the background pattern and the stripes on the chair and just hinted at them in the painting
I don't usually paint alot of animals so it was a fun challenge. You can check out the other entries and read the comments left on my painting by going to DailyPaintworks.com - click here.


  1. excellent ! I love all the pinks and blues ... making it a special kittie
    see you soon, JanetC

  2. Thanks Janet - I had fun with the colors!