Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coffee For Texture

Original Watercolor - 15x22
$95 - Buy Here

This painting was a demo for a class at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center titled Southwestern Watercolors. Each day focused on a different type of southwestern subject and when it came time for Indian pottery one of the students brought in very old authentic pots, a blanket and some feathers and set up the still life for us. To top it off, she also brought in freshly baked cinnamon rolls and juice!

I took some artistic license and used complementary colors - orange and blue - with some burnt sienna for the pottery. While the paper was wet I threw on some instant coffee in the background and on the pots for added texture and fun. I am not a coffee drinker but always keep some handy in my studio for just this purpose.


  1. Hello Martha ! this is so lovely !
    Hope to see you soon, JanetC

  2. Thanks Janet - I think this is from the first class you ever took from me.