Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Daily Painting Challenge - COLORFUL TRIO

The challenge this week on (it is only Wed and I already have it done - getting a little better) is to paint with one color for one stroke. This is much more applicable to oil or acrylic painting where seperate brushstrokes are used as opposed to watercolor where the paint soaks into the paper and blends and mixes. I decided to paint on gessoed paper because the wateroclor will sit on the surface and allow for a more 'stroke-like' approach. It is fun to paint this way but also challenging because the paint wants to lift off the paper everytime you try and layer the paint - have to be quick and direct.

Colorful Trio - $60 - 11x15 inches original watercolor on gessoed paper. This painting is available for purchase using PayPal at my Website. Click Here


  1. love love all the colors ! JanetC

  2. Thanks Janet - they stay bright on top of the gesso.

  3. Beautiful results! I never thought that this particular challenge can be done in watercolor -- thanks for the inspiration! I would give this a try as well!