Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me!

I feel especially blessed as I celebrate my birthday today. I have one more year before the big 60 and after dreading all the other decade birthdays I decided when I turned 50 that I really needed to celebrate the gift of another year and not obsess about the number. Silly, I know!

We just got to spend a few days with family and have more visits from friends, kids and our grandbaby planned for the summer. We are living on a beautiful lake with wonderful neighbors and friends and Todd and I are very much enjoying this stage of life.

I love that after all of these years I still have art in my life and that I get to share my love of watercolor and creating with others on a weekly basis in class and through this blog and my Etsy Shop. 

I strive to be a good wife, mother, grandmother and friend and for my character to remain in place despite life's bumps along the way. I try to be thankful each and every day and know that how I view my journey greatly determines not only my attitude, but often the outcome. My art definitely warms my heart, feeds my soul and adds joy to my life. Thank you for celebrating this creative journey with me!

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