Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Final Touches & PETAL SOFT ROSES

Watercolor - 11x15

I love the feeling you get when you first start a painting and anything and everything is possible. The beautiful watercolor paint hits the wet paper and flows spontaneously to create glorious and colorful  shapes. Then, as the artist, it is time to exert some creative control over the composition, using positive and negative painting to push and pull shapes from the colorful paper.

And then, there is always that time near the end of a painting when you must quiet your mind and devote your entire attention to what is before you, listening to what it is telling you. It's those final touches of color, brush strokes, darks and lines that separate your work from other artists. Your individual, artistic look that defines your very own personal style. So, don't forget those final touches of your brush, your signature strokes that are so very important to each and every painting!

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