Saturday, March 18, 2017

FLOWERS & LACE and No spend weekends!

Watercolor Batik - 12x18

This watercolor batik always makes me think of Sunday dinner when I was growing up in Texas. We always came home from church and my Mom cooked a wonderful, big dinner and we ate in the fancy dining room. Somehow life seemed like it was simpler then. Probably because I didn't have to do the cooking.

Lately, I have seen a lot of ideas for simple, no-spend weekends. Things you can do that don't cost anything and will help you to slow down and enjoy life a little bit more. Here are a few you might want to try:

Go to the park
Have a picnic
Take a hike
Ride a bike
Play board games
Host a potluck
Read a book
Try a new recipe
Create a piece of art 
Organize your photos
Visit a free museum
Camp in your backyard
Go fishing
Check out your local library
Sit outside, relax and enjoy!


  1. Your beautiful painting and your memories have me longing for my childhood and weekends with my parents, sisters and grandparents again. They did seem like a simpler time Martha~

  2. They did indeed, Jan. I feel lucky that my Mom can now share family time with our kids and granddaughter:)