Friday, February 17, 2017

Fun Friday - Art Student from England

Watercolor - 11x15

I recently received an email from Megan, a high school student in England, who chose my leaf print watercolor paintings for her A Level Art class project. How exciting is that? She asked me to provide her with some information about my educational background, how I started painting in watercolor and my approach for the leaf paintings.


My response: I grew up in Ft. Worth, Texas and went to college to study Architecture and Engineering. I always loved art and after I graduated and went to work for an aerospace company in Colorado, I took a lot of continuing education classes in painting. When I tried watercolor, I fell in love with the free, spontaneous and unpredictable medium. Lately, I have been experimenting with mixed media, acrylics and collage.

For my leaf paintings I began by letting the paint blend freely on wet paper. Then, I used watercolor to print with the leaves and added some of the details with a brush after the initial stamp/print dried. I used negative painting to further define the leaf shapes and add movement to the composition.

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