Monday, November 14, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 44 - Pouring

Watercolor - 14x20

Pouring paints is a technique that a lot of watercolorists like to use because it creates glowing color that you cannot obtain by using a brush. The idea is to pre wet the watercolor paper using a spray bottle and then mix up freshly squeezed paint with water in small cups. Usually, just the primary colors are used as they are poured onto the wet paper and allowed to move and mix freely. The paper can be lifted and tilted different directions to encourage the movement of the paint.

Sometimes, areas are masked out before the pouring starts to save white areas and several pourings can occur by allowing the paper to dry in between. When you are happy with the base colors a brush can be used to define shapes and add detail.

I do what I call 'pseudo pouring' where instead of mixing paint in cups I use a very soft mop brush and drop the paint on to wet paper to achieve a similar effect. The Creative Monday Challenge for this week is to do either version of pouring, using the primary colors to create a soft, glowing underpainting.

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