Monday, October 17, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 40 - Use All Your Senses

Watercolor - 13x19

I read something the other day about how spending so much time using our computers and watching tv utilizes our sense of sight but we may be neglecting our other senses. I realized that the same thing could apply to art, which of course is a very visual activity and that it would be a good exercise to focus on our other senses while being creative.

Do you notice the smell of paint, charcoal or other art supplies in your studio? Do you like to light a scented candle while you create? Do you enjoy listening to music or a book on tape? Are you aware of the feel of a brush in your hand, the texture of your paper or the movement of your arm as you paint? Do you enjoy the taste of gum, candy or a healthy snack while you are being creative? Does the subject you are painting bring back memories of the smell of the salt air, the rough feel of the rocks or the sound of the waves hitting the shore?

The Creative Monday Challenge this week is to be aware of your other senses while painting a subject of your choice and to share your discoveries with us.

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