Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Create Like No One is Watching

Mixed Media - 9x12 canvas board

 'Create like no one is watching!'

I think we are our worse critic and it increases when we are around others. Whether we are in a class, in the studio or at home it is easy to get caught up in the worry of what others will think of our artwork and then we forget to relax and enjoy the process. We need to put blinders on and create like no one is watching us!

 I have been a watercolor artist for years but lately I have enjoyed experimenting with mixed media. I often feel like I am in uncharted creative territory but I keep telling myself to relax and just play with the paint, collage papers and bright colors and see what happens. Everything we try does not have to be masterpiece  - the artistic journey is the real reward!


  1. love this! have always liked the pairing of red and green - it's not just for Christmas

  2. Thanks so much Linda! I had a great time combining the collage papers.