Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Pinterest, Barns and Inspiration!

Watercolor - 8x10

What did we all do before Pinterest? If you are new to Pinterest, it is a huge website that allows you to browse through photos of anything from recipes, to fashion, travel, decorating, DIY, holiday crafts, art, painting - and it goes on and on. If you like something that you see, you can 'pin' it on to boards that you have created to keep for future use. Just like we use to tear things out of magazines and tack them on a bulletin board.

It is totally addictive and great for inspiration for your artistic projects.

I have all sorts of boards for my watercolors, batiks and mixed media and I also use boards to collect reference photos and creative inspiration. I used this photo from my Barns and Bridges to Paint board for the watercolor shown above. As you can see, I did not paint an exact copy of the photo but used it as a starting point for my watercolor. I took the general shape of the red barn but turned it the other direction, made the sky a little more blue, added more trees and painted the fence a little crooked.

Pinterest boards are a wonderful way to keep track of all of your art ideas, tips, photos and inspiration. and you can check out mine here.

Do you use Pinterest for your art? I would love to hear all about so feel free to leave a comment below.

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