Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mixed Media Makeover of a Shell

Mixed Media - 18x24 canvas

I painted this watercolor of a large shell years ago and have always liked it but decided it would be fun to give it a Mixed Media Makeover. I first trimmed the half sheet to fit evenly on an 18x24 inch stretched canvas.

Then, I looked up quotes about the ocean and started stamping on 'The Voice of the Sea - Speaks to the Soul' with acrylic paint. I used watercolor and white acrylic to add some depth and shadows to the lettering.

I looked through my stash of collage papers in shades of blue and glued torn pieces on to the edge of the canvas.

I mounted the painting to the canvas and sprayed an acrylic sealer on top for protection.

I love the final result and am happy with my Mixed Media Makeover. It is always a little risky to take a completely fine painting and start messing with it - there is always a chance that you will completely ruin it, but that is also part of the creative fun!

When is the last time that you pushed yourself to take a creative risk!

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