Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Too Many Art Books?

Can one ever really have too many art books? 
This is what I asked myself as I was trying to bring some kind of order to my stack of books. I LOVE art books. Always have, ever since I was a kid. I would ride my bike to the library, check out some art books, bring them home and happily spend hours looking through them. And that was when art books were printed with very few color photos - now they are full of beautiful color on every page.

This was the very first watercolor book I ever owned and I still have it. I have always been drawn to the beauty of watercolor paintings and feel so blessed that I can spend time doing what I love. There are SO many beautiful art books out there on all subjects from painting, collage, mixed media and acrylics to scrapbooking and photo art. Now if I can just find room for all of them...

Thank your joining me on this creative journey - may your day be filled with joy and color!

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