Thursday, May 5, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 17 - Day 4

Alcohol Ink Tile #4

For Day 4 of the paint challenge I painted a large flower, sort of like a poinsettia or poppy. Painting with alcohol inks is very unpredictable but they create beautiful designs and dry to bright, brilliant colors!


  1. Martha; OMGOODNESS! This completed piece played tricks on my eyes. The colors or the use of placement caused my eye to draw up the blue center to a bulbous look very 3D from the deep center. Almost as if movement was taking place. Anyway, not flat at all. Love this piece. Oh, so looks like a Poppy for me. I found you searching for a way to Batik an area wall in my Studio/Craft Room. I want the walls to depict projects I learned in life that brought me to where I am today and my love for all Art. We learned batiking in middle school in California Bay Area, '60s along with tie dying naturally. That era and the world strongly encouraged me to speak through Art. Anyway we learned on fabric. I wanted a LARGE piece but didn't think canvas was my answer. I will be following your blog. You're very creative and I can learn great techniques from you as well as the wonderful inspiration you bring. I love how excited and brave you are.

  2. Thank you Andi - I appreciate all of the nice things that you said about my art. I had a lot of fun experimenting with the alcohol inks and I love their bright colors, too!