Monday, April 11, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 14

The Creative Monday Challenge for Week 14 is to paint something white. The absence of color in white objects allows you to have free artistic reign, reflecting any and all surrounding colors on to your object.

I used shades of ultramarine blue, turquoise, yellow ache and mauve in the shadows of the white cottage.

Aspen or birch trees are great fun to paint because any colors you want can be reflected on to the bark.

Painting white in watercolor presents its own challenge since you have to think ahead and save the white of the paper and be careful not to go to dark and lose that sparkle. I collaged some scraps of white rice paper to add some texture and light in the snow.

If you are new to Creative Monday I would love to have you join us. You can read more about it and get info on joining the free Facebook Group here.

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