Monday, February 29, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 8

I love seeing everyone's Creative Monday paintings each week! So much fun to see the unique and individual approaches each artist takes for the challenge.

The Creative Challenge for week 8 is to paint in a series - three pieces that are related by subject, technique or style. You can work on each one in succession or together as a group. Working in a series allows us to feel a little freer to creatively explore and experiment with an artistic theme.

For my series I focused on using bright, bold colors and a free loose style to paint a bouquet of flowers.

I began each painting by applying thin lines of masking fluid in a free and loose manner. I wanted to provide some sense of drawing and structure without getting too bogged down in the details.

All three watercolors were painted on a horizontal 8x10 inch format. I tried to vary the styles of flowers and use different vase shapes for each bouquet. Which one is your favorite?

If you are new to Creative Monday I would love to have you join us. You can read more about it and get info on joining the free Facebook Group here.