Monday, January 18, 2016

Creative Monday Challenge - Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of the Art With Heart Creative Monday Challenge. The Creative Challenge this week is to take a simple subject and render it using six different color choices, trying to work quickly and not overthink things.

I decided to paint red and green peppers and first taped my 11x15 sheet of 140 lb watercolor paper in to 6 different sections. I used a large round brush and without drawing first I quickly and loosely painted the peppers, moving around from one to another, trying to add different colors and shadows to each pepper.

After the paint dried I added background color, again working quickly and staying aware of creating contrast between the colors on the peppers and the background.

As the background started to dry spattered some paint to further loosen things up. I also added some definition to the foreground and some stems.

When all was dry I removed the tape and 'admired' my little paintings. I think the peppers look more like apples but oh well - it was a fun exercise that forces you to paint fast and go crazy with color. 

If you are new to Creative Monday you can read more about it and get info on joining the Facebook Group here Happy Painting!

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