Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recycle Your Artwork

Watercolor collage - 13x18

I learned a long time ago that I should NEVER throw any of my paintings away - even if I am not happy with the final piece. 

First of all, after you put a painting away for a few weeks and then look at it with a fresh eye you will often be surprised that you now like it. Secondly, you can always incorporate the piece in to a new painting, paint over it with gesso for a new surface or add collage on top of areas you are not happy with.

Woodland Falls was one of those watercolors that did not really have anything wrong with it but I was not excited about the final result. So, I decided to collage painted tissue and rice papers on to the rocks and use some white acrylic paint for background trees. The papers added more intense color and texture to the painting - a BIG improvement!

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