Friday, September 11, 2015

Art and Comfort

Watercolor batik - 9x12

Art has always been a part of my life and not only gives me great joy, but has always offered me comfort in times of stress. Four years ago when my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I had the night shift and stayed up to give him his medications and keep watch. In those dark and lonely hours, I used my painting as a way to escape the sorrow for a little while - and it brought me comfort.
The next year when we were caring for my mother-in-law as lung cancer took her life, I again turned to art for my own comfort and as a way to help my young niece deal with her sorrow over losing her grandmother.
Two years ago, while I waited in the hospital as my husband had major surgery, I kept myself sane by looking though some of my favorite art books. The colors, compositions and creative ideas kept me from going crazy with worry. Thankfully, everything went well and he is doing just fine.
Art is always there for me and I feel blessed to have it in my life!

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