Monday, September 8, 2014

Transformation From Acrylic Painting to Mixed Media Art

Acrylic collage on canvas board - 9x12

I often have paintings that are finished but I am not totally satisfied with the final piece. I had painted a large purple iris in acrylics and did not really like it so I decided to totally change it up. I first painted around the iris with white gesso and collaged on some decorative tissue paper. When that was done the painted iris looked out of place so I glued on some purple tissue that allowed some of the original flower show through
When that dried, I added the leaves and some white ride paper to lighten up areas of the iris. Then I used some liquid purple acrylic and painted in the shadows around the petals of the iris. More green tissue on the leaves, some pink rice paper on the iris and I was done. So much fun to totally transform from a traditional acrylic painting to a mixed media piece!

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