Monday, August 18, 2014

Can Your Art Studio Be Too Clean?

Can an art studio be too clean! For me the answer is yes. I was recently inspired to clean and organize my art room and I REALLY went after it. I got rid of old frames, organized my collage papers, grouped paints, filed photos, shelved books and picked up the floor. Yes, the floor - I have a bad habit of piling things all over any horizontal surface including the floor.
It may not look perfectly organized for some of you but i can guarantee that my studio has not looked this good since we moved in nine years ago. While I love having more space and order, I did find that it made me anxious to have such a clean art space so you can be sure that I took great pleasure in diving back in to my painting and getting things a little bit messy again!


  1. Martha, it looks so clean and organized! I wish mine looked half that good! I have so many unrelated things in my studio, such as sewing junk and machines, a day bed for naps and my grandchildren, a big table for cutting mats, even an antique dresser that I don't actually need, but inherited! I am forever trying to organize and get nowhere. Realizing that I will have to get rid of stuff to eventually have a well organized studio, I just keep putting it off! Wish I could make it look like yours!

  2. I can totally identify with you Egretta and believe me it does not still look this clean. It did not take long for me to make it messy again but at least I got rid of a few things and I have it better organized:)

  3. Martha your so funny. Your art studio looks nice.
    Carol R.