Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My New Creative Corner and Acrylic Collage!

Acrylic Collage - 9x12 canvas board
I have been painting in watercolor for over twenty years and love everything about the medium but I am still always on the lookout for new things to try - new techniques, different mediums, mixed media, fun colors - you name it and I probably have it in my 'idea file'. Since the file keeps getting bigger and bigger I have decided to try and experiment with at least one new idea a month - my new Creative Corner!
This month I have explored collage with hand painted papers using simple, bold designs of trees and mountains. I began with a canvas board and collaged on printed tissue papers for the sky and mountains. I then took patterned scrapbook papers and randomly painted some acrylic gold paint on them for the tree shapes. I continued to layer papers on the mountains, scraped on white gesso paint and collaged some lace rice paper in the sky for clouds. I finished by gluing on the trees and then stamped on some white gesso for bark.
It was a lot of fun to try something totally different from painting with watercolor - watch for the next two collage paintings in my Tree Series.

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