Tuesday, November 19, 2013

When To Walk Away From a Commission

Watercolor 11x15

I don't very often do commission work but when I do it always seems to cause extra stress. I always worry that the final painting won't really be what the client had imagined so I think it tightens me up when I paint. I know a lot of artists who thrive on commission work and others who refuse to do it - when should you walk away from a commission?

The Empty Easel, an online art magazine, recently had an article where they suggested four reasons to say no:
- It’s too far outside your comfort zone
- It is ethically wobbly
- The client is haggling over price and details
- You've just got a bad feeling
You can read the entire article here

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  1. Martha, i can so relate to this one as you well know, i will never do that again:) i miss you all in class. i hope to come down for a class after the first of the year. love you all. Carol R.