Thursday, October 10, 2013

Do You Suffer From Creative Burnout?

Watercolor 8x10

Do you ever suffer from Creative Burnout? As much as we all love to create I think it is common to sometimes feel like we are artistically burned out, fresh out of  ideas and motivation. Here are a few ideas to get yourself back in the game from Empty Easel, an online art magazine.

1. Change your environment—Go for a walk, visit a garden, travel somewhere new. Get outside of the four walls where you usually work.

2. Take photographs—Photos are an excellent way of jogging your memory and providing your with a new scene for inspiration.

3. Visit an art gallery—Nothing invigorates an artist more than seeing great works of art. A trip to a local art gallery or museum will provide you with the opportunity to see works completely out of the realm of what you work on yourself.

4. Meet with other artists—talk about how you deal with creative burnout with other people in your field. More than anything, this will help you cope with natural peaks and troughs in productivity.

5. Head to the local library- Look through art books and read about artists who inspire you.

6. Relax! Most importantly, try not to get stressed about low points between projects. Learn to enjoy the downtimes between projects where you are free to soak up new inspirations for future creativity.

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  1. Thanks Martha for the good advice....I am missing class and everyone, I did do some painting i still need to finish it, Iam doing leaves on canvas watercolor paper....How all is well with you....Carol R.