Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yoga for the Artist and SUNFLOWER FUN

Watercolor on gesso 11x15

Do you ever find that when you are finally in your creative space ready to begin a new piece with your materials out and your mind jumping with ideas that the real world starts to creep back in? You forgot to pay a bill, the laundry is waiting, you should start dinner or give someone a call? Does this sound familiar? How do you quiet your mind and keep focused?

There are those who suggest that the solution for this problem lies in the practice of uniting body and mind through restorative yoga. Even if you’re not a fan of exercise, restorative yoga can work wonders to center you and get your mind back on the creative path. You can read more about Yoga for the Artist at the Empty Easle 

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  1. Martha I love your sunflowers. Carol R