Monday, July 1, 2013

A Pair of Magnolia Batiks - Work in Series

Watercolor Batiks - 8x10 each
Buy separately or Together & Save

Many artists like to work in series, producing several pieces of work that are tied together by a theme. The unifying theme could be anything - a certain technique, a style, a color palette or even a single source of inspiration. Creating a series gives you more scope to explore a technique, material or subject matter in greater depth.

I don't paint a lot of series because I seem to jump around from topic to topic. I always tell myself I am going to but then I get side tracked by another fun idea or new technique. I did, however, manage to paint two watercolor batiks of magnolias so I am calling this my first and only series!

These two batiks can be purchased separately or as a pair to save money!


  1. Your batik magnolias are beautiful, Martha.

  2. So pretty; what colors/brands of paint did you use for your blues? ~ gorgeous