Monday, May 13, 2013

SUNSHINE Sunflowers and Win an Art Print

Watercolor 11x15
I taught a great watercolor workshop over the weekend and we discussed the value of creativity in our lives. Many of the students talked about wanting to have more time to paint and be artistic but sometimes daily life gets in the way or we have self doubt about our artistic abilities or we are around people who don't support or see the value of creative pursuits. We did all agree that when we do take the time to be creative that the benefits and enjoyment are enormous!
How do you express yourself creatively? Do you paint, draw, cook, garden, sew, decorate? I'd love to hear from you so please leave a comment on my Facebook page and let me know your own creative outlet- you will then be eligible to win one of my 8x10 art prints. Don't forget to LIKE my page if you haven't already - winner announced on Wed!
Martha Kisling Creative Watercolor
Affordable Original Art - Put a Little Color in Your Life!


  1. Hi Martha,
    Art is a part of me, sometimes a quarter, sometimes half other times whole, depending on the moment in time but essentially it is always there, keeping me sane : ) The enormity of it's benefits justifies it's place in my daily schedule and myself and family acknowledge it. Now I need to do the same with exercise : ).....and diet lol
    Love the sunny sunflowers, still haven't gotten around to painting some, maybe this summer.

    Lovely post.
    Annabelle O,O

  2. Thanks, Annabelle, for sharing your feelings on creativity in your life!

  3. Beautiful sunflowers!! I did everything imaginable for years, painted my homes funky colors before it was fashionable, cooked, and baked, crocheted, painted furniture, played piano, sang, sewed dolls, made baby quilts, wrote poetry, you name it I did it and never once thought of myself as an was another artist that spotted me to be an at 47 I started doing some artwork with paints and digitally on the computer... It was a huge surprise that I could do anything artistic. So it's never too late!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. What a colorful and beautifully done painting of sunflowers