Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sunflower on Gesso and Favorite Art Teacher

Watercolor on gesso 8x10
Do you have a favorite art teacher? Was it in elementary school, high school, college or more recently? Who influenced your art the most? I ALWAYS took art as an elective from junior high thru high school - even took one semester where we designed and painted the sets for the school play since my best friend was in drama and I thought it would be fun - it was.
In college I majored in Architecture so we had to have four semester of art classes - we drew in pencil, ink, used watercolor and even had a figure drawing class. The teacher I gained the most from spoke very little English but he knew how to say MORE CONTRAST so I learned to love strong values in a composition and you can still see that in my paintings today.
 The teacher that influenced me the most was Jodi Binkley who owned a studio in Denver and taught the first real watercolor classes I ever took over twenty years ago. She was a great artist and wonderful teacher - encouraged, critiqued, taught negative shapes and showed me that a painting does not have to be perfect - I owe my love of watercolor to her! 


  1. Martha, you are my inspiration and influence more than you can imagine in 7 years I have learned so much about watercolor and how to use my right brain, and not to give up....Thank you for putting up with me.....Love ya Carol R.

  2. Thanks Carol - you have been a great student. You listen, take advice, learn and always have a great attitude - a joy to have in class. You have worked hard and are a wonderful artist!